10 Strawberry Benefits Prevents Diseases

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Strawberries Fruit – Free Photo

Strawberries Spread nowadays in many shops and markets, hyper markets because it is distinguished by its magnificent shape and amazing appearance.

The strawberry is often called the ‘Queen of Fruits’ in Asian countries, because it is rich in many health benefits, in this context, the US medical site ‘care2’, revealed 10 amazing benefits for strawberry, include the following:

1. Help Burning Stored Fat: Red color contains a substance called ‘Anthocyanin’, that can stimulate the burning stored fat.
A precedent scientific study has shown that on feeding a group of animals a diet with high – fat side by side with the ‘Anthocyanin’, they acquired less weight by 24 % of animals, which ate food fat – rich without anthocyanin.
2. Enhance Memory on the Short – Term: ‘Anthocyanin’ strengthens memory in the short term by 100 % in eight weeks, according to the journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry.
3. Low in Calories: One glass only of strawberries has 54 kilocalories.
4. Reduce Inflammation: Strawberries reduce the level of interactive protein C (CRP). in blood, which is an indication of the occurrence of an inflammation in the body.
5. Reduce the Diseases of the Heart and Arteries: Composite ‘Flavonoid’ which is responsible for color and flavor of strawberry, reduces the risk of heart diseases infection.
6. Strengthening Bones Health: Strawberries contains potassium permanganate, vitamin K, magnesium and pit is very important for the health of the bone.
7. Prevent Cancer of the Esophagus: Studies indicate that strawberries may help in the prevention of the esophagus cancer.
8. Rich With Anti – Aging: Strawberry filled with ” butane “, which assists in building strong hair and nail, it also has an acid ‘Illogic’ which is antioxidant, and protects the floppy fiber in the skin from flaccidity.
9. Helps in Losing Weight: Strawberries contain nitrates ” which enhance the flow of blood and oxygen in the body, and thus helps in losing weight.
10. Enhances the Validity of the Eye: Having three fruits or more of strawberries may reduce the risk of Harbors, which leads in turn to the loss of sight, according to the magazine of ophthalmology.

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