4 Foods Serves to Resist Depression and Possibly Change “Your Mood”

Vineyards ,Free Photo,Fruits

Vineyards – Free Photo

There are some foods that can resist depression, through those qualities that are found in these foods which were gained by the existence of certain vehicles such as ‘polypropylene phenol’, and some other vehicles, including the following:

• Vineyards and Oranges: can supply the needs of the body for vitamin C, and the vineyards has a substance called poly phenol that supports the secretion Endorphin which causes happiness.
• Hazelnuts: Nuts containing protein B and A, and helps to produce a substance called Endorphin which in turn causes happiness.
• Bananas: it is one of the fruits that is known to cause a fair amount of happiness due to containing Potassium and magnesium and those are helping to produce Serotonin element.

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