4 Foods Serves to Compensate the Shortage of Vitamin C in Your Body

Guava,Fruits, Free Photo

Guava ‘Fruits’ Free Photo

Some people suffer from lack of vitamin C in the body, as a result of not having foods that are rich in vitamin C. And according to a report published by the Indian site “Weld Sky”, the lack of vitamin C is a health condition that is common among many of people.

According to some the studies, many persons, all over the world suffer from low levels of vitamin C which is one of the basic nutrients which play an important role in the work of the organs of the body.

In this context, the report provides a number of food cuisine working on compensate the lack of vitamin C in the body which include the following:
1. The Red Pepper: One of the vegetables that are rich in vitamin C.
2. The Guava: According to experts, it is one of the richest fruits containing vitamin C, because each one fruit of guava contains about 200 mg of vitamin C.
3. Broccoli: One of the green vegetables which are filled with basic food, minerals and vitamins especially vitamin C.
4. Oranges: A rich source of vitamin C, and having a fruit of the orange daily help to overcome the lack of vitamin C effectively, as well as other citrus such as lemon and grapefruits.

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