4 Fruits Fights Cholesterol the Most Important of Which Is Strawberry

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Cholesterol is one of the most important chemicals produced by the liver we see that the balance of this substance in the body is very important for dental health this information is important, particularly for those who believe that the existence of any quantity of this substance in the body is bad, doctors say that the key is to keep that balance, it is also important to prevent bad cholesterol increase level (LDL) the cholesterol is bad because it accumulates in the arteries.

This Site ” A Step to Health ” offers some fruit, which maintain good cholesterol in the body and reduce the proportion of the poor rise including:
1. Avocado:
doctors advise to have half a fruit of the avocado daily accompanied with following a healthy diet this would help greatly reduce bad cholesterol in the body.
Studies says that the avocado is a source of the unilateral fat which are important to strengthen Heart Health. This Fat turns to power not stored. The avocado reduces the level of fats in our bodies and could help in organizing the sugar level in blood and the avocado contains niacin or Vitamin B3, which help to keep balance between the levels of cholesterol in our bodies.

2. Grapefruit:
Doctors advise to have half a fruit of grapefruit daily before breakfast according to a study published in the Agricultural and Food Chemistry magazine, grapefruit can help reduce cholesterol because the characteristics of anti – oxidization.

3. Orange Juice:
Orange juice contains a substance called “Sterol” which reduces the level of cholesterol in the kidney, so doctors advise to drink a glass of orange juice daily.

4. Strawberries:
In accordance with many studies, strawberry, help to reduce the level of cholesterol, it limits levels of bad cholesterol in the body so doctors advise to have between 10 and 15 fruit of a strawberry daily.

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