5 Benefits of Water With Lemon, Most Important of Which Improves Digestion

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Water With Lemon

Always doctors say that we should drink a cup of warm water with lemon on an empty stomach, water is the best to your health , it is the best way to keep the body hydrated and it help flush toxins from the body.

The lemon is the best source for a lot of trophic food; calcium, potassium, magnesium, iron, vitamins, lemon rich in fiber, proteins, carbohydrates, and also lemon with antibacterial and viruses keep your health very good.

There Are a Lot of Ways to Use Lemon as Juice or in the Food

Benefits of Water With Lemon
– Most Important of Which Improves Digestion
Many of the components in the liver encourage it to produce a lot of acids to digest healthy, also lemon helps in expelling useless materials and substances from body, it prevent constipation or diarrhea because it strengthens the performance of the intestine, the american cancer society encourage people to having lemon for the disease and it help strengthens the performance.

– Weight Loss
If you are trying to lose weight you should drink a cup of warm water and lemon with honey in the morning, fiber in it help fight hunger and you feel full for along time

– Purifies the Skin
It helps make the skin free, purifies the body of toxins, it encourages the growth of new cells, it contains vitamin of wrinkles and blemishes and also water, honey and lemon help your skin to be good.

– Supports the Immune System
It help supporting the immune system and fights colds in addition to lemon increase the capacity of the body to absorb iron, lemon with vitamin C is important for the health of the devices immune

– Handling Bad Breath
Acidic nature of lemon in addition to water and honey help the stench of the mouth because it cleanses and stimulates the production of saliva in mouth that kills the bacterium that causes bad breath.
All these benefits by the american site “Top 10 home remedies”.

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