5 Foods Remove the Stench Smell of the Body

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Lemon and Tomatoes Are the Most Prominent of Them.

Many people suffer from the problem of appearing some bad smell of the body which cause them falling in an embarrassing problems and that would be the problem resulting from the change of hormones in the body, or sweating or following an unhealthy diet and may be due to hereditary factors or poor hygiene, which makes you lose your trust yourself despite the demisters odors, perfumes, to control the smell of the body all this does not treat the reason behind that smell.

There are many cuisine which would help remove odors but it is effective in combating the mouth odor.

1. The Lemon: lemon smell is one of the smells that play a vital role in making the smell of your body smart, is a natural disinfectant and has the capabilities of anti-microbicides and helps eliminate the bad mouth smell, which caused by bacteria, so it is advisable to start your day with a cup of warm water and lemon to get rid of the stench.
In order to combat the smell of feet or under bikini line, you can rub 1/2 a lemon on the affected area and let the juice until it is completely dry and then take a private bathroom for you, this treatment once a day until the smell disappear completely.

2. Tomatoes: tomatoes can also fight the smell of the body, they contain the characteristics of anti – bacterial drugs to help reduce the bacteria causing the smell of the body as it diminishes the pores sweating and consequently control the stench and you can pass the tomato to the place you want for 15 minutes and then wash in the bathroom.

3. The Green Tea: Green Tea Is a good anti – antioxidant, help to prevent the bad mouth smell as well as the smell of the body and feet.

4. Coconut Oil: coconut oil removes the smell of Ethnicity in a brilliant and natural way to help your body appear with a good smell, it is also anti – microbial, by massage the places where you can find the Ethnicity in the body by coconut oil.

5. Rosemary or ‘Wreath Mountain’: Rosemary herb or wreath aromatic Come with the most important foods that helps to remove the stench, its oil helps in the fight against any kind of smell comes from the body through slowing down the growth of bacteria causing smell, drink two cups of tea made from Rosemary fresh or dried leaves, you can also put Rosemary oil in water to be put in the place of sweating and to repeat this experience 3 times a day.

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