5 Healthy Benefits Will Not Imagine for Skipping Rope

Skipping Rope , Free Photo, Jumping Rope

Skipping Rope – Free Photo

(Jumping Rope) the most important of which is to reduce the tension.

Skipping rope is not only a recreational sport, but it also has many health benefits for many special cardiovascular. and the sit “Step to the Health” revealed about the most important benefits of this sport, including the following:
1. The Promotion of the Health of the Heart: Studies say that skipping rope increases the rates of heart strikes in a way that makes the body uses oxygen more efficiently, which strengthens the validity of the heart, lungs and the blood circulation.

2. The Promotion of the Health of the Lungs: When skipping rope the two lungs get more air which help to resolve many of the problems of the respiratory system.

3. Burning Calories: Studies confirm that the skipping rope for 30 minutes burn 400 calories, this includes fat stored in all parts of the body, and so doctors advise people who want to lose weight to follow this exercise daily.

4. Disposal of Poisons: Doctors say that the skipping rope is one of the best exercises that lead to secretion a lot of Ethnicity which helps to Get Rid of Poisons that are stored in the body and thus help in renewing the body cells to work with full capacity.

5. Reducing Tension and Promoting Mental Activity: Studies confirm that Jumping Rope enhances the nervous connections in the body, and that this exercise encourages the body to produce the hormone endorphin, these hormones help significantly to relax and the reduction of tension and anxiety.

6. The Strengthening of the Circulatory: This sport help in the Strengthening blood pump properly and more efficient to all parts of the body, especially the arteries, which reduces the risk of heart attacks.

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