6 Benefits of Bananas for His Lovers (Notably the Increase of Intelligence)

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Bananas Benefits – Delicious Photo

For Bananas lovers, There are six benefits that makes you have it daily, Notably the increase of intelligence

Bananas is one of the most healthier fruits on the earth for one reason which is the tropical fruits are real storehouse of minerals and vitamins that enhance your health on many different levels, in addition to its delicious taste.

In this side the american site “HealthFoodstar” reveal about a wide range of medicinal properties for bananas that help in health problems including:
1- Morning sickness.
2- Blindness.
3- Diabetes.
4- Osteoporosis.
5- Depression.
6- Kidney Cancer.

Bananas featuring six benefits that includes

1- Strengthens Proper Digestion:
Bananas contain a high proportion of dietary fiber, it is very effective in the fight against indigestion and constipation through organize bowel movement.

2- It Controls the Level of Sugar in Blood
Bananas adjusts the levels of sugar in blood that is very useful for patient of sugar “Diabetes” in addition to fights depression and improves mood.

3- It Prevents Calcium Deficiency
Bananas protects against loss calcium in body,also improves absorption of minerals from the bones and teeth that make it very strong.

4- Makes You Very Smart
Bananas improve the cognitive ability of the brain because it contains potassium [potassium is one of the important metals for a healthy brain.

5- It Prevents Kidney Cancer
By enhancing the absorption calcium in body those prevents the formation of aggregate stones,bananas protects against kidney cancer also improves teeth and bones against macular degeneration.

6- Fighting Anemia
Iron rich bananas improve the quality of blood ,it considered very useful for fighting anemia.

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