A Magical Natural Mixture for a Drink Protects From Flu

Red, Apple, Free Photo

Red Apple – Free Photo

There may not be a treatment for cold or flu until now, but there are many of the prescriptions that will help to prevent access to the disease in the first place.

According to the newspaper ” Daily Mail “, a team of doctors specialized in virus discovered a drink that can fight the flu it has six Superfood components including the turmeric, ginger, honey and oranges that Enhance HIV.

Doctors clarified that this drink is full of components that contain antioxidants which have characteristics that strengthen HIV, because turmeric has many features and the characteristics of the resistance of the inflammations and cancer.

This drink has contains honey, which is characterized by the anti-microbes, in addition to the Ginger, which eases indigestion because it works on the improvement of the health of the intestines.
Here is a magical formula that protect you from contracting the flu, which include:

– A little of fresh turmeric.
– Two pieces of ginger.
– Three fruits of the apples.
– Four peeled oranges.
– Honey.
Water and coconut (or sparkling water).

Preparation method:
1. The turmeric and ginger, apples, oranges, in the order specified are put in the juicer.
2. In a tall cup add, 1 teaspoon of honey and then fill in the glass with coconut or sparkling water.
3. This combination should be drunk immediately.
The dosage: This mixture should be taken once daily during the winter for the protection from diseases.

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