A Recipe From Watermelon and Lemon Enhances Sexual Potency

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A Small Girl With Watermelon – Expressive

If you are looking for a natural way to increase libido and sexual performance, a substitute for drugs with no side effects on health, the Indian website ‘Boldsky’ offers you – in a recent published report -a normal recipe for both men and women, helps increase sexual desire and performance with no side effects.

The report pointed out that this recipe is derived from watermelon and lemon, watermelon contains nutrients stunts aphrodisiac like Citrulline and Lycopene, and then make sexual desire much more better.

The report added that Citrulline, exists in watermelons, helps aneurysm allowing increased blood flow to the genitals and achieve better sexual activity. Lemon is also a sexual stimulus, because it contains vitamins and minerals that help to enhance desire and sexuality.

During the preparation as watermelon and lemon report calls not to mix any other ingredients such as sugar or spices, and the recipe is to cut watermelon shaped small cubes, removing the sowing and mixing it in the blender and boiling the juice, adding some lemon drops, and leave it cool for an hour, then put it in a bottle and leave it in a dry or cool Without eating any food before that.

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