Bananas and Eggs Are the Best Food After Practise Sport in the Morning

Bananas ,Eggs,Healthy , Free Photo

Bananas and Eggs – Free Photo

The american site ‘Health Today’ announced a report that explain a lot of good foods that we can have them after practise the sporting exercises in the morning, because we burn much calories which may causes feel hungry, it is very important to know what we should have after practise sport specially in the morning.

1. Eggs
Body need protein after exercise, eggs contains protein, one egg contain only 70 calorie and over 6 gram from protein it also full of vitamin d.

2. Orange Juice
Body after sport needs a lot of potassium that contain vitamin C and potassium example sport drinks.

3. Bananas
Bananas are a good source for carbohydrate that body need it after practise sport, having these fruits help body to fix muscles,also bananas contain potassium that help body to back missing water.

Studies clear that having bananas during the first hours after exercises are very important, these also important to practise sport in the evening, body consumes much supplies from glycogens during practise sports.

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