Best Home Treatments Free Complexion of Grain

The Ice , Free Photo

The Ice – Free Photo

Grain is a problem suffered by most of the people, especially the young people, it appears for us in the days of events or the important days for us, so the site ” top 10 home remedies ” published easy and fast ways to treat the grain in the house.

Snow: to reduce the redness of the grain, use the snow as a natural relaxing, it also helps to improve the circulation in the affected area, bridging the open pores and remove dirt and fats accumulated on the skin. You can use the ice cubes or snow powder.

Lemon: Using fresh lemon juice helps to dry up the spores faster, immersing pieces of clean cotton in the fresh lemon juice and applying it to the grains before going to bed and washing in the morning.

Oil of the Tea Tree: It is an excellent solution for the treatment of grain because of the contents that Combat microbicides that causes many skin problems. It is relaxing characteristics help reduce the redness of the inflammation of the spores. It also helps to dry up the black warheads and Warts. Oil is placed on a piece of cotton and placed on the grain for 15 minutes and then washing the face.

Toothpaste: White Toothpaste that you use each morning to clean your teeth can also be used to treat the spores quickly. On the contrary, it is more effective than other things. All you need is a little of it to the grain before going to bed and washing it before waking up.

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