Coffee With Lemon Is the Best and Fastest Treatment for Migraines

Migraines , Brain , Free Image

Migraines in the Brain – Free Image

Migraines is the most common, it causes severe pain frequently and may dizziness, allergies against voice, light, smell and taste.

This migraines may be during from 4 to 70 hours and it considered the most causes diseases to medical deficit in the world , doctors advise lately the ability to get rid of migraines by adding some lemon to coffee.

Some scientist explains the effectiveness of adding some lemon to the coffee on the site [PositiveMed] and they say; this drink named the magic brew’, it is one of the Chinese ways that they follow to avoid migraines, coffee contains caffeine and its narrowed vessels properties,this means that coffee can be against migraines throw an operation called Vasodilation and the affection of adding lemon or its juice in coffee reduce migraines.

Scientists explain the importance of this drink ,they said that coffee has cold natural and bad taste that help reducing the energy of liver that stagnated in body, it is the main causes of migraines, but lemon contains much vitamin C and it helps for cleaning all the body, Citric acid that in lemon make the digestive system strong, it may be slow during the attack of migraines.

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