Foods That Help Your Baby Grows Normally

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Apples – Red Fruit Ripe

With the beginning to taking your baby hard food in addition to breast milk or industrial milk, you should give him the best and most food, also it is necessary for food to be contains important vitamins that help constructing his body correctly and make it very healthy .

In the following lines we show a group of important foods that baby need it the sixth month to grow correctly according to the report of ‘BabyCenter’ site.

1. Carrots
It is probable to give it to your baby after cleaning, parboiling and mashed it with some water, it also contains important fibers and vitamins a that is very important for baby in this age.

2. Courgettes
It is probable to be also useful and good food to your baby in this age, specially it contains important and necessary vitamins, as well it is better to get rid of seeds that in it so as not to cause any ‘colic’ for your baby.

3. Yam
It full of fibers that your body need it in this age and also it is necessary to clean it by water then you can parboil it in the oven until exudes then we mashed it and give it to your baby after calming.

4. Bananas
It is very useful to your baby in this age, specially it contains potassium, it maybe mashed it and give it to your baby after lightening it from water or breast, industrial milk.

5. Apples
It is the most fruit that doctors advise us to give it to your baby with the beginning of the sixth month specially it contains vitamins and others important metals in this age also it is easy to digest it.

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