Get Rid of Headache and Cough Quickly With Bananas

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Ripe Bananas for Headache and Cough

Headache became the era’s disease suffered by a large and small for a lot of reasons, one of them tiredness, diseases of brain and pregnancy.

Studies of the international institute for headache and others medicals places confirm that there are a lot of food that help get rid of headache for example:
1. Chocolate: Cacao in chocolate protect neurons from that causes migraines.
2. Coffee: Acquiring 200 milligrams from coffee help getting rid of headache.
3. Bananas: Help people to get rid of headache.
4. Citruses: Studies found that there is relation between having citruses fruits [Oranges] and getting rid of headache.
5. Nuts: It is from foods that doctors recommend taking it nutrition specially coconuts.

The Indian site ‘Boldsky’ published a report that decline natural drink help to reduce cough during one day instead of medicine.

Bananas are from natural therapies, it is active natural medicine to chronic cough because it contains a lot of importance natural elements for health and body.

A lot of studies proved its effectiveness for treating bronchitis, by report, the ingredients that we use to prepare this drink are two ripe bananas, two spoon of sugar or honey and 400 mils from boiled water, the report explain also how to prepare it by peeling bananas and well-grounded by a fork then put it in a boil water in addition to the others ingredients ,waiting for half an hour to cool down.

Also the report explain that when we take this drink for 4 times in one day, the dosage is 100 melli, this drink help to getting rid of cough without taking any medication because it considered the natural remedies to treat cough.

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