Gets Rid of Urinary Incontinence by Having Cucumber and Oranges

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Tasty Green Cucumber

Gets rid of urinary incontinence by having cucumber and oranges, Get rid of coffee.

Some women suffer from overactive bladder that known as ‘incontinence’ we found this problem inability to control urine during laugh or nerve that puts them in embarrassing situations out of house

The British site ‘Daily Mail’ offers a group of food that help treat this problem ‘incontinence’ in addition to food that increase the illness of ‘incontinence’

Doctors say in a report of British site that there is an exercise can be done to train the bladder to keep urine and reduce ‘incontinence’ exercise starts to go every hour to ‘bathroom’ as you need these or no every week,then add half an hour to the next week these continues for three hours ,this train reduce bladder

Report sign that incontinence with woman’s happen during much laugh ,coughing and sneezes, That often happen after stop effacements due to feeble brawn of bladder because it loses its power, There are a group of food that ‘incontinence’

1. Cucumbers
A lot of people think that cucumbers save water only to body but it contain good foodstuffs named ‘selyka’ that is one of supporting materials to the tissues of the bladder due to anti-inflammatory agents, there are also others meals contains the same material [almonds, peanuts, sunflower seeds and flax seeds].

2. Vitamin C
Because it keeps collagen to the elasticity of the skin and it supports tissue , we shoud taking a lot of food that contain the vitamin of bladder and vagina.

3. The Paper-vegetables
We should having a lot of green paper-vegetables examples kale ,collard, broccoli , spinach and others that support body with magnesium that help muscles of bladder to be good and reduce ‘incontinence’.

4. Fresh Food
Searchers discovered that the available material in the fresh foods examples carrots, apples, onions, cucurbit, fishes, cashews and all of wheat make bladder very strong.

On other side doctors in a report warn from things that increase the problem of ‘incontinence’.
1. Drinks of Caffeine
Caffeine make automatically urine that increase the problem of ‘incontinence’ because of the increasing of bladder.

2. The Sugar Foods and Dessert
Some studies discovered that the sugar food increase ‘incontinence’ result of the feebleness of bladder and its inability to save it.

3. Spices
Spices food fluster bladder led to increase the problem of ‘incontinence’.

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