Lemon Juice Is the Best Means to Delay the Hair Growth

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Lemon – Free Photo

The rapid growth of the hair is considered to be one of the problems that annoys girls a lot. Every two weeks, at most, after removing the hair of body, pores begin to open and capillaries edged hair begin to grow, which can’t be removed until it grows a bit so it presents a big crisis as for the smooth of the skin and its purification and its cleaning from hair for a long time.

• Lemon juice.
• Sugar accurate.

Way of use: You can add a cup of lemon juice to a cup of flour with two spoons of sugar and put the mixture directly on the body after removing the hair by the traditional way such as “A sweet” and “The thread” far away from the shaving, so as to make sure that the mixture reaches the pores which in turn closes it gradually.

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