Not Only Orange… 5 Other Cuisine Rich in Vitamin C

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Green Peppers Free Photo

The American website “Health” mentioned that eating food rich in vitamin C, doesn’t protect you from cold in winter, but it can help to reduce the duration of symptoms of infection.

Among the foods which are rich in vitamin C, the rate of vitamin c in orange up to 69.7 mg of vitamin, and many people do not know, these include the following foods:
Hot Pepper: Half a cup of hot pepper chopped or cubes contains 107.8 Mg of vitamin C, also, researchers at the University of Buffalo discovered that it helps ease arthralgia and muscles.

Red Pepper: It became clear that a glass of red pepper chopped, has 3 doubles of what can be found in orange about 190 Mg of vitamin C, as well as being a great source of vitamin A deficiency, which strengthens the validity of the eye.

Green Peppers: A cup of green peppers chopped has about 120 Mg of vitamin C, it contains about 200 % of the recommended dozen to be given to you of vitamin A. green peppers contains a lot of fibers.

Broccoli: Broccoli contains about 132 Mg of vitamin C, as well as containing the fiber. Researches showed that it protects from cancer.

The Strawberry: One glass of strawberries contains about 84.7 Mg of vitamin C, in addition to, a healthy dose of folic acid and other things to Strengthen Heart Health, also, the strawberries assists on teeth Whitening.

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