Orange and Potatoes Are Winter Cuisine Help Overcome Indigestion

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According to the report that was published by the Indian site ‘Bold Sky’, indigestion is one of healthy problems that many people have been suffering from in winter, owing to a number of the most common causes one of which is having foods that are rich in spices and fats and exceeding limits when having food, which negatively affects the digestive system.

In this regard, the report provided a number of natural cuisine that one care must be have in winter, and help to overcome the problems of the digestive system, including the following:

1. Oranges: Contains Vitamin C citric acid which reduces the stomach pains, because it contains many of the soluble fibers which help to create a layer of the gel on the walls of the intestines and improves absorption of foodstuffs.

2. Cabbage: It is one of the cuisines that prevent the inflammation of the walls of the intestines, because it contains anti-oxidization and characterized by its anti-inflammatory features.

3. Sweet Potato: Contain starch, magnesium and fibers, which work as a treatment for the stomach and as a ulcer relaxing and helps in treating indigestion.

4. Green Apples: Has many characteristics that assist in organizing the bowel movements, also it reduces the risk of catching colon cancer and help in calming the digestive system.

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