Papaya and Strawberries Are the Most Prominent Fruits Rich in Vitamin C

Delicious ,Red,Free Photo, Sweet ,Strawberries

Delicious and Sweet Strawberries

Vitamin C is an important trophic component that helps the body fight diseases (to protect you from diseases), viruses, especially in winter season and also prevents from diseases. It is common that orange, winter fruit, is a significant source of vitamin C, but there are a number of other fruits rich in vitamin C, which make up for its shortage in the body without resorting to medicines, that is according to a report published by the Indian site “Boldsky”.

Papaya, is one of the fruits rich in vitamin C, containing high doses of vitamin C and some enzymes can help in recovering inflammation. Strawberries, rich in plenty of vitamin C and a source of manganese, this keeps the sugar level in blood in a stable manner.

According to the report that the kiwi fruit contains vitamin C. Studies have shown and proved that it helps sleep faster for persons suffering from sleep problems. For the mango, it is a rich source of vitamin C, and was found to contain the antioxidants, working on protecting the eye from diminish increase, also for pineapples it is rich in vitamin C and contain enzymes which help to digest the protein.

The report said that eating fruits rich in vitamin C daily, compensate its shortage in the body for persons who have a shortage of vitamin A deficiency as well. And that he works on protecting from diseases and combating viral infection and many health problems that one can be infected by in winter season.

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