Protect Yourself From Diseases with Lemons, Garlic

Lemons ,Garlic ,Free Photo

Lemons and Garlic – Free Photo

That prevention is better than cure, you attention the device immune system, which is one of the most important things that must always maintain good health, you must follow the methods to help in the development of the immune system, and the reduction of the wrong habits, posted on a web site “WikiHow” tips to help you develop your device immune system.
• practicing daily sports (jogging – walking – rental).
• Vitamin D through exposure to the sun.
• Breathing Fresh Air in the early morning.
• Sleep at least 7: 8 hours daily.
• Getting away from the wrong common habits (smoking – caffeine).
• Getting away from tension and anxiety and laughter a lot.
• spend your time with your close friends.
• drink a lot of water (8 glasses a day at least).
• Getting Away from local industrial.
• Eating A lot of fruit and vegetables.
• Increase the consumption of garlic in daily meals because of its important characteristics for health (anti-bacteria and viruses and protects from cancer(.
• Protein is very useful for your health.
• Add Probiotics (useful bacteria which help your stomach to digest and absorb food effectively) to your daily food routine.
• Natural Vitamins or food supplements are very useful for increasing the health of your immune system.
• Medical Herbs beneficial for the health of your immune system.
Oranges and lemons because of being good sources of vitamin C.

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