Protecting the Brain of Aging Starts With Broccoli and Ends With Strawberry

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Broccoli Vegetable – Healthy Food

The world now is working on the awareness of the danger of aging diseases to protect individuals from early age through some of the health steps, and the main advice of doctors, is the interest in the food system followed by the individual in his day to avoid the Aging Brain.

The British site ‘Daily Mail’ offers a list of cuisine that help to increase the efficiency of the brain
1. Broccoli, cauliflower cabbage.
2. Paper vegetables such as turnip wedges, broccoli.
3. The beef and mutton, they are a significant source of useful fat useful for memory.
4. The nuts like almonds, cashew nuts, camel eye, and nuts.
5. Olive oil, it contains antioxidants.
6. Coconut oil, has saturated and anti-microbial keyboard fungi and viruses.
7. Avocado, rich in vitamins, fibers, minerals and fats saturated.
8. Artichoke, indispensable and disposal of fibers of nutrients.
9. Pulses Like lentils, peas and beans.
10. Mulberries both blue or strawberries, as it contains antioxidants, helps protect the mind of early senility.

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