Stunning Benefits for a Drink Lemon and Olive Oil

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Many people in the last period of time to the alternative medicine instead of traditional medicine, because the alternative medicine is very effective and stronger, it also has no side effects, and these treatments give multiple benefits and accessible to all. Although many of these treatments may not give the full recovery of some diseases but it is able to reduce the accompanying symptoms.

One of the most important natural treatments recommended by doctors is the drink lemon and olive oil, it has many of the healthy benefits which mentioned by the site a Step to Health:
1. Fights the Constipation: Studies proved that olive oil is a natural constipation and that lemon juice has the characteristics of anti-inflammatory, helps to facilitate the movement of the intestines, leading to reduce the problems of the digestive system, as doctors confirmed that using it reduces gas and stress in the stomach.

2. Removes the Body Poisons: Lemon juice with olive oil has the ability of removing poisons and helps clean the body, particularly liver poisons and Gallbladder.

3. Controls the Cholesterol: Studies says that the olive oil regulating the rate of fats in the blood, this means that it can slow the formation of sediment in the arteries and the use of this treatment according to a regular basis reduces the high levels of bad cholesterol and helps to control the tripartite fats, it also protects the joints because it contains some Anti substances which reduces oxidation and stress.

4. The Promotion of the Health of the Skin, Hair and Nails: Studies says that this simple treatment protects the nails from vulnerability and drought, and this drink has characteristics of antiseptic and fights skin problems and the head crust.

5. Controls the Blood Pressure: This natural treatment is useful to persons who suffer from high blood pressure because of the substances of anti-oxidization and minerals.

6. Prevents Early Senility: This drink gives the body cells a large quantity of antioxidants nutrients, this prevents early senility, and this drink contains Vitamin E, which can be characterized as anti-oxidization and reduces the danger of heart diseases infection, rheumatism and Wrinkles.

As for the method of preparing it is easy, it is to mix half a spoon of the olive oil and half a spoon of lemon juice, and this drink half an hour before breakfast.

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