The Cuisine Rich in Fibers, Improve the Functions of the Bronchial

Pomegranate, Free Photo, Fruits

Pomegranate – Free Photo

New and exciting results were revealed by a modern scientific study, it was that having a diet indispensable fiber may help protect you from lung problems such as cough, cold and improves the functions of Bronchial and also protects from heart and Diabetes.

The Study author, Corinne Hanson, Professor of Medical nutrition in the University of Nebraska, said that the lung diseases are a health problem facing many people all over the world, especially in winter, that is why it is important to prevent ourselves from it.

The researchers showed during the study, which included more than 2000 people from the Americans, confined between the ages of 40 and 79 years, that the increase in the fiber such as lettuce, oranges and pomegranate, might be a means of practical and effective measures to reduce the risk of lung diseases.

The researchers said in a study which was published in the American Medical site called ‘Health Day News’ said that those who eat the fiber at the rate of 18 grams or more than this every day, they have lung functions normally at the rate of 68%, compared with those who do not eat the fiber.

Researchers added that previous researches showed that following a diet rich in fiber protects from heart diseases, diabetes and fibers reduce the rate of Inflammation in the body.

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