6 Cases in Which Pregnancy Endangers the Life of the Mother and the Fetus

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There is a number of medical cases which are not consistent with pregnancy and represents a danger to the life of the mother and the fetus together, which observed a number of it the America National Institutes of Health of on its electronic site on 6 health situations at which cautious must be taken and to know the complications before taking a step of pregnancy, namely:

1. High Blood Pressure: This health problem suffered by the wife had negative effects on their health and the health of the fetus if took pregnancy step which can result in affecting the mother by the problems of kidney and the probability that the birth of a child who is lightweight, but in the case of the follow-up the doctor she may get a good birth and a baby of stable healthy life.

2. Acquired of Ovarian Cysts: Wife faces the problem of giving birth if she caught the disease this problem appears in the ability to be pregnant but can’t continue in the pregnancy, so the mother will be at levels of risk whether by abortion, or early birth.

3. Diabetes: Women suffering from diabetes must control the levels of sugar in the blood before being pregnant, because the high levels lead to the birth of a child with congenital defects, therefore, care must be taken, especially during the first period of pregnancy and expectation with full readiness and having 40 milligrams of folic acid every day.

4. Kidney Diseases: A new crisis for women because it makes pregnancy a difficult matter and if the wife became pregnant then she will suffer from the risk of abortion if she did not abide by the medicines and are supporting for its pregnancy and to change her diet curative, and pursued with a physician.

5. The Immunity Diseases: Women face other health problems included immune diseases such as self-Lupus and hardening of Multi-tissues, because they lead to the high incidence of problems of various contraceptive methods, for instance lupus causes early birth and the Stillbirth.

6. Fertility: Women who take medicines to raise the chances of pregnancy because they have their own problems in fertility are exposed to the complications of pregnancy more than those who are pregnant naturally, among these health problems: complications on the placenta and obsolescent pap smears.

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