9 Tips to Treat Your Vocal Cords in a Normal Manner

Cup , Water ,Free Photo

Cup of Water – Free Photo

Whether you’re talking so much or singing, or screaming in a concert, problems, especially in winter, happen due to cold, or pressure on your voice which in turn can cause you problems within your vocal cords, the website ‘WikiHow’ published some tips to treat your vocal cords.

1. Drink a Lot of Water: this water should be appropriate to the room temperature, wherever you sit, not to be ice – cold nor hot.
2. Gargling With Water and Salt 4 Times a Day at Least: You can also add some of the apples vinegar.
3. Drinking Tea: You can add lemon and honey or each alone.
4. The Inhalation of Steam: heat is useful to increase the humidity in the throat.
5. Try Not to Speak: only in extreme necessity.
6. Breathe deeply through your nose and try not to use your mouth to breathe.
7. Do not take aspirin under any conditions.
8. Never to smoke by any way.
9. Avoid Acidic Foods or that which are rich in spices, not to increase the symptoms.

Visit a doctor, if the matter exceeded more than 3 consecutive days, to know the reason, and try to treat it in another way suits your illness.

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