“Diabetes” the Third Cause of Death After the Heart Diseases and Cancer

Diabetes ,Free Image

Diabetes – Free Image

A team of researchers from the University of Pennsylvania revealed that diabetes is the third major cause of death after the heart diseases and cancer, than previously believed.

According to the British Magazine “Daily Mail”, researchers from the University of Pennsylvania found that 12 percent of death cases in the United States are because of diabetes, this outcome is considered to be a disastrous consequences as it was previously believed to be in charge of 4% only of deaths, this means that the disease is the third main reason for death after heart diseases and cancer.

Dr. Samuel Preston, professor of sociology in Pennsylvania College for Arts and Sciences, said that the number of deaths would be reduced on controlling the diabetes because the people who suffer from diabetes in many cases have health complications, such as cardiovascular diseases, macroeconomic policies.

The Centers of Diseases Control and Prevention revealed that, ” that in 1980 there were more than 5 million people in the United States suffering from diabetes, in 2014, the latest year in which there were statistics, this number jumped to more than 21 million people, with an increase of nearly 300%.

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