Lack of Sleep, Paralyze the Immune System

Lack of Sleep,Sleeping,Free Photo

Lack of Sleep – Free Photo

Lack of sleep, paralyze the immune system and increase the chances of infection with influenza.

New and dangerous results were revealed by a modern scientific study, it reported that the deprivation of sleep paralyzes the immune system, which makes many of us sick lying without any good comfort.

Also, According to, the British newspaper ‘Daily Mail’, the researchers from the Center of the Freedom Union for ” Sleep Medicine ” analyzed data 11 couples of identical twins in different patterns of sleep, taking blood samples from each.

The researchers found that the vast majority of these twins who got less than the others at the time of sleep, the immune system for them decreased at a greater rate than others, who got the sufficient period of sleep.

The scientists also found, in their researches, that lack of sleep, hinder the white blood cells from work, which are necessary to preserve the immune system we have, it also improves when we get enough sleep.

The main author of the study Dr. Nathaniel Watson “, from the center of the Freedom Union for Sleep Medicine, said that getting 7 or more hours of sleep strengthens and improves health and immune system. Also, It is worth mentioning that other studies showed that the lack of access to sleep raises the chances of infection for influenza and many other viruses.

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