Orange Benefits for the Pregnant Women

Orange, Fruit ,Free Photo

Orange Fruit – Free Photo

The Most Important of Which Is to Avoid Congenital Deformities

Orange is one of the fruits that so-called “Citrus” and has many health benefits of the most important of which is the prevention of colds, the orange have many benefits for pregnant women.

Oranges: And around it says Dr. Nuha Saeed consultative status to therapeutic feeding and treatment of obesity being obese, Orange has a high proportion of vitamin C and many useful mineral salts such as Potassium and folic acid which makes it general useful and for the pregnant women in particular.

Orange Benefits: And on talking about the benefits of oranges completed Dr. Noha saying ” eating oranges contributes in getting a number of health benefits as it has a high proportion of vitamin C, which helps the body to resist the influenza virus and the cold, so, many doctors recommend to have oranges, especially with the seasons change to prevent infection with cold, as the mother also is recommended to pay a great attention to children’s food for the protection from flu and cold.
Therefore advises Dr. Nuha saying ” a great care must be taken to have orange in winter specially to prevent catching flu and cold.

Orange Benefits for the Pregnant: And adds Dr. Noha that Orange has a high proportion of folic acid which is useful for the pregnant woman during the pregnancy period to configure the building of the nervous system of the Child and thus reduce the opportunities for child deformity during the period of pregnancy.

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