Spending More Time Standing or Hiking Reduce Sugar Level in Blood

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Hiking – Free Photo

A new scientific study, supervised by British researchers, revealed that many of the people who spent more time in hiking or even just standing instead of sitting, may be less prone to diabetes.

And according to the American Medical site called “Health Day News”, a previous study linked between sitting and diabetes type 2, which is connected to aging and obesity also, this disease occurs when the body does not be able to use of insulin properly to convert blood sugar to power.

And to assure the results of the study, researchers analyzed the data for 435 adults who are at the risk of diabetes, watching their activity around the 24 hours for a week to know how much time they spend setting, standing and walking, and then examined the blood analyzes at the lab. to know if their bodies can absorb the diabetes and insulin.

The researchers found that just replacing sitting with standing throughout the day may improve signs of diabetes type 2, because when moving the body, the muscles and cells need fuel and works on absorbing sugar of the blood.

The researcher, participating in the study said Dr. Joseph Henson, a researcher in the Treatment of Diabetes in Leicester University, that the hiking instead of sitting for short periods is connected to the dropping down by 77% in the levels of insulin in the body and therefore the diabetes rise to high levels.

And added Dr. “Baron Gibbs”, a researcher at the University of Pittsburgh, that the results of the study is to be added to a growing number of evidences refer that even a slight drop in stable time may help to reduce the risk of diabetes.

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