The Reasons and Ways to Avoid High Cholesterol and the Triglyceride in the Blood

Tomatoes ,Free Photo

Tomatoes – Free Photo

Dr. Youssef Nassar, consultant neuro Endocrine Glands at Al-Azhar University, said that high cholesterol and Triglyceride is the main cause of most of the diseases that cause death in the world, explaining that the cholesterol and Triglyceride ate fatty components exist in our food as well as manufactured by the body, because of its greatest importance in our lives are in building the cells and a huge number of hormones, transportations and internal components in the food representation and metabolism.

He added the inner consultant Endocrine Glands of al-Azhar University, in a special statement to “Youm7”, it is natural that the blood contains a large amount of cholesterol and Triglyceride, but increased in the blood mean health problems on top of arteriosclerosis.

Dr. Youssef Nassar explained its increasing level in the blood according to 3 main causes:

1. Hereditary reasons: means that Genes of the person himself may cause high cholesterol and Triglyceride in the blood for reasons of manufactured or absorbed of food or excess disposal outside the body.
2. gained causes: Means that certain diseases causes a malfunction raises cholesterol and Triglyceride (such as diabetes, which raises Triglyceride).
3. The Customs and the wrong practices such as fatty foods such as the yolk, butter and Fries, as well as the rise of excess weight, and the lack of movement and sports activity, smoking and others.

Dr. Youssef Nassar said that the high cholesterol and Triglyceride leads to many problems on top of which is arteriosclerosis, which lead to high blood pressure, heart clots, brain and intestines, as well as what is known as the metabolic syndrome, high blood pressure, diabetes, high remove uric acid blood and pcos for females.

He clarified that to cure that case it is recommended to follow some important trophic tips, which would reduce those rates significantly in a short period:
• Drinking a boiled glass of three loaves of olive in the morning before having anything, then a spoonful of olive oil, before directly breakfast have a slice of fresh pineapple and seven beads of Cardamoms.
• Never have any Fries or takeaway food.
• Reduction of the sugars as it turns inside the body into fat.
• Replace the white bread for black bread.
• Have a dish of remedial salad daily which consists of (Tomatoes, Green Broccoli, Segments cabbage, Onion, Garlic, Rumi pepper, Parsley, 1 tablespoon Olive Oil, 1 Tablespoon of Vinegar Apples, One Quarter of the 1 tsp Black Cumin).
• Replace red meat and chicken with fish and like salmon, tuna and Anchovy.
• Drinking a glass of yogurt plus garlic clove Grated twice a day.
• Practicing the sport of walking daily.
• Drinking big quantities of water at the rate of four cups 45 minutes before each meal of.

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