What About Hypoglycemia Signs (Low Blood Sugar)

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Fatigue – Hypoglycemia Signs Low Blood Sugar

Bites hunger, a headache, nausea, apathy, drowsiness, sleep disorder, discomfort, aggression, lack of focus, inattention, slow reaction, depression, confusion, disorders in vision and speech-difficulty to speak, throb, partial paralysis, sensory disorders, rotary, despair.

It’s also possible the emergence of some following signs;
Sweat, moisture of skin, anxiety, rapid heartbeat, hypertension, heart palpitations, sudden severe pain in the chest can possible in the others sides [heart attack, irregular heartbeat]

If blood sugar levels continue to fall you may suffer from confusion [delirium] convulsions, loss of control of breathing, maybe get weak breathing, slow heartbeat, maybe unconsciousness, clinical situation of sharp decline to the level of blood sugar maybe similar for stroke

Treat the lack of blood sugar levels; often when you eat sugar eliminated the level of blood sugar such as sugar cubes-juice with sugar or tea with sugar so you should keep sugar with you.

Factors that lead to increased risk of a lack blood sugar levels;
– Malnutrition, irregular mealtime, loss, delay or refrain food for long periods.
– Changes of your food system.
– Injury impaired renal function .
– Risk of severe disease in the liver.
– If you suffer from specials disorders because of hormones[thyroid disorders, the pituitary gland or adrenal cortex].
– Drinking alcohol [especially in the case of losing a meal].
– Taking another medicines.
– When you doing a lot of gymnastics, don’t eating enough or having food that contains a large proportion carbohydrates.

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