Without Diet.. For Breakfast and Dinner to Help You Lose Weight

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Breakfast and dinner are from the most important things a health body, Both the health and weight of the person are affected if he did not obtain them any of them, The impact of this does not differ from on eating harmful or health in these meals.

Studies confirmed that following a healthy diet is one of the most important things that reinforced the validity of the food representation for example when skip snack pancreas needs to gain more of the insulin which may occupy the pancreas to carry out core functions so high levels of blood sugar.

The site named “A Step to Health” presented some advice, that should be followed during breakfast and dinner which helps in losing weight:
1. Breakfast and Dinner Meals Must Be Rich in Antioxidants: First and most important that doctors advise for persons who want to lose weight is that breakfast and dinner must include adequate amounts of antioxidants, because they help to promote the health of the liver, getting rid of poisons and promotes the digestion of nutrients well and they help to fight free roots attacking cells, and the most important of these substances Allicin, anthocyanin and catechins which commonly found in the lemon, tea, garlic and the white tea.

2. To Have Breakfast on the Fiber and Dinner the Proteins: Doctors say that fibers are always better in the morning because they help to get rid of the fats and useful for the heart but dinner, it is important to contain a sufficient quantity of proteins.
Doctors adds that the persons who want to lose weight must be aware that the limpness of muscles hinders them do that, so doctors advise to have proteins because it helps to tighten and strengthening muscles.

3. The Choice of the Appropriate Timing for Breakfast and Dinner: Doctors of nutrition recommended to drink a glass of lukewarm water on waking up and then wait for 30 to 45 minutes after waking up for breakfast in this manner the body would be capable of getting rid of stored fat.

As for dinner Meal: doctors advise to have it two hours before going to bed.

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